This optical refractometer is processed with a Teflon spray coating 
It is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, electrostatic prevention and anti-stick 
This Beer Refractometer is true brix or wort specific gravity refractometer
Measure refractive index of sample & displays result in brix & wort specific gravity, 
with a range from 0-32% and 1.000-1.130 respectively. It’s an optical device that, 
like a hydrometer,measures specific gravity of beer or wort (brewing) or ferment for brandy

 :Measuring Range
1. Brix 0-32%      Mini scale: 0.2%  
2. Specific Gravity 1.000-1.130      Mini scale: 0.001
Automatic Temperature Compensation: 10~30 degree
Main material: Aluminum ( teflon coating )

1*Water bottle
1*Portable holster
1*Calibration mini-screwdriver
1*English instruction manual

1*Cleaning cloth

جهاز قياس نسبة الملح للأحواض البحرية الأصلي - Refractometer ATC

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